Making a new extension

I'm trying to follow the instructions found here to create a new, custom extension but am running into a number of issues.

I'm currently running on the 'dev-develop' branch, which puts me at version 3.2.0-sprint 46.5. The version of devtools that gets installed is 2.20.1.

I can follow the instructions up to step 9 of 'Create the Extension'. After I install the new extension and return to the home page, I can see the 'taoDocs' option available. However, when I click on it, I get an error message that the controller cannot be found:

2017-03-14 16:22:04 [INFO] 'Unknown controller sri\taoDocs\controller\TaoDocs' D:\WorkArea\_Repositories\Education\TAO-SRI\target\funcAcl\models\classes\class.FuncAcl.php 54

I've verified that the extension is listed in the autoload_psr4.php file, and it's the first item in the array.

Any recommendations or advice?


  • If a controller cannot be found it is usually either:

    • Extension not installed
    • Autoloader fails because access rights on the files not correctly set
    • Composer overwriting our autoloader hack. If you have already verified autoload_psr4.php, then please also take a look at autoload_static.php
    1. Other than verifying the directory structure exists, how can I verify that the extension was installed? The /config/generis/installation.conf.php file lists the newly created extension as created and installed. However, I've been trying to create a new extension from scratch, to bypass the devtools extension, and even on a failed installation (due to scripts not being found) the extension is listed as installed.
    2. What are the required access rights and which files should I verify? All files were created by the devtools extension, I haven't touched or changed any of them.

    I guess my main question is, is there a functional version of the devtools extension that I can clone or download from Packagist that can be used to follow the instructions on the wiki? Or, are there instructions for making an extension by hand?

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