Issue using Booklets


I'm using TAO installed on Windows.

I have enabled the Booklet extension, but when attempting to use it, I get the error:

500: Missing parameter classUri for oat\taoBooklet\controller\Booklet/getOnt ologyData

I've had a look, and there is a previous post concerning Linux stating to re-install the extension as this has been fixed in 0.2.0 - whereas I am running 0.1.0

taoBooklet Open Assessment Technologies SA 0.1

Commands were provided to do this from the Linux command line.

Is there anyway I can do this from CMD or PowerShell to re-install/upgrade the extension to 0.2.0?

Any help you can provide would be extremely welcome, as this has become an urgent requirement for me today.

Many thanks.


  • Hi TonyA,

    Which version of TAO do you use on Windows?

    All releases made for the TAO booklet extensions are available here but I couldn't find 0.2.0 or 0.1.0 versions.

    Upgrading any TAO extension is usually done with the taoUpdate.php script as explained at the end of this guide using the taoUpdate.php script.


  • Hi Cyril,

    Thanks for your update. I believe that the version was the canned version for Windows available last year (*how do I check it???).

    I have attempted to use taoUpdate.php - but this did not correct the issue.

    I used the guide and downloaded the latest version of "Booklet" - replacing the existing one, and restarted the Server.

    However now when I click on Booklets Icon, I receive a "Unknown Error" message.

    I am not familiar with debugging this product, so how can I find what this is?


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