Activate the logs by allowing access to the web interface


Following a problem on the Tao interface, I would like to activate the logs and according to the Tao 3.3 documentation I have to activate the debug mode in the generis.conf.php file.
But if I activate the debug mode I don't have access to the web interface anymore. So I can't do my simulation and visualize the logs to understand where the problem comes from.

Has someone already encountered the same problem ?

Thank you !


  • Hi there,

    Not sure if this helps but I did the following yesterday when I needed some logs. They're not accessible through the web ui though.

    Changed content of /var/www/tao/config/generis/log.conf.php


    return array(
        // Example of a Single File Appender
            'class' => 'SingleFileAppender',
            'threshold' => 1,
            'max_file_size' => 1048576, // 1Mb
            'rotation-ratio' => .5,
            'file' => dirname(__FILE__) . '/../../log/debug.txt',
            'format' => '%m',
            'prefix' => '[dev]'
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