Totally lost..In need of some help with versions and extensions.

A while back I downloaded TAO and deployed it for use in our environment, merely just to test it and see if it provided what we needed. It has done an amazing job so far, but I need to add some more functionality to it, i.e. Showing the test takers their results, and hopefully eventually breaking it down by section. I have already looked through the forums and found where I may be able to do this. However, in my investigations, I am trying to figure out how to do an upgrade of TAO.

My confusion lies in the fact that I found a manual from September of this year that references TAO version 3.12. My browser tab shows that I am running 3.1.0-RC7. So, I assume I am behind. On this hub, I have found a plugin meant to upgrade Tao, but it is saying that I have a version error, and it shows support for 2.4 -> 2.5 and 2.5-> 2.6. So, now I am totally confused on what version I have and what upgrade path I need to take.

Some insight on this would be great!!!!



  • Hi patchett1492,

    The latest publicly released version of TAO is 3.1.0-RC7. However, there is no version tagged as 'version 3.12'.

    A TAO update plugin was released for older versions of TAO but is not maintained.

    The first release candidates of TAO 3.2 are expected to be released soon and a migration guide may follow.


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