Custom PCI / upload functionality

edited September 2020 in Developers

Dear Devs,

im in the process of designing a PCI, which allows for the integration of third-party items.
These items are based on the react-js framework and are intended to communicate via post message with the PCI which will take care of mapping these messages to TAO responses and navigating between different items.

Is there a best practice to implement some kind of asset- or file-management to use within TAO's item authoring tool? For example, upload a sequence of these 3rd party items via zip file, extracting them on the TAO server and having the PCI render and play them within an iframe or shadow-dom scenario?

I noticed the mediaInteraction does something similar with audio / video files.
I'm aware, that this usecase requires some server-side activity and custom code, which isnt part of the normal PCI dev process.

Any inspirations or ideas are highly appreciated! :-)


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