Some chinese (zh-TW) translation not accurate

From my judgement, a few chinese (zh-TW) translations are not accurate to match the original meaning in english. If I want to make the changes on my Community installation, do I need to change all the messages.po(s) so all the modules (interfaces) display the same?


  • Hi techieshop,

    Welcome on this forum! :)

    If you want to know further how translations are handled by TAO, please read and follow this guide.

    If you are willing to contribute to the Chinese (from Taiwan) translation, feel free to register yourself on Pootle and you will have the opportunity to bring your contribution to this locale. On this translation platform, you can provide suggestions or fix the current translations if you judge these are incorrect.

    However, I grant you that there is no manager for each locale, so at some point it may be difficult to decide which submitted translation is the most accurate. Also, once all these translations are synced to the source .po files, you may decide to customize some translations according to your thoughts and compile them yourself.


  • Also, could it be that "Traditional Chinese (繁體中文)" and "Simplified Chinese from Taiwan (简体中文)" were mis-redirected?
    Simplified Chinese from Taiwan should redirect to the zh-TW folder but currently targets to zh-CN.

    Could you please confirm that?

    Thank you,

  • No, Traditional Chinese (繁體中文)" and "Simplified Chinese from Taiwan (简体中文)" are correctly directed.
    Simplified Chinese -> zh-CN
    Traditional Chinese -> zh-TW

    They are correct.

  • I could join the Pootle later when I understand the TAO better. Just don't mind contribute whatever appropriate.

    So far I have clarified my issue - there are probably specific message translation file for each extension, requiring modification one by one.

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