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the translation to this language is already uploaded to Pottle ( We'd like to know when it's going to be included on the download package on your web.



  • Hola Tomás,

    First, thank you for contributing to the TAO translation project!
    Indeed I noticed that you completed the locale "Catalan from Valencia" last week. Congratulations!

    Actually the plan is to include all completed locales into the final TAO 3.2 release. However it requires additional steps on our side: we need to compare and merge all translations. Translations used sprint 53 as a reference but later was decided to use sprint 59.5 as the new reference sprint for TAO 3.2. So few changes are expected after the Pootle store is updated against TAO sprint 59.5.

    Can I use your already known Pootle email to provide you an exported package of your translations followed by instructions?
    Also, please note that you should have access to your latest translations using


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    Hi Cyril,

    Thanks for your response, we should wait then to the sprint 59.5, meanwhile we can try to install the new locale on our own. Of course you could use my Pootle e-mail for giving me the resources you talk about.


  • Thanks for your sending Cyril but I'm still having issues with my locale instalation. I've tried to create my own locale with ca-ES-valencia and ca-ES, just in case.
    The problem is that I see my new Language on the Language list on the Settings section, but I can't choose my new locale on the Interface Language or Data language on Users configuration. Besides that, I can't pick my locale to Translate an Item neither.
    The tasks I did where:
    1. Create my locale whith taoTranslate script.
    2. Copy the .po file you gave me on the right locale module directory.
    3. Compile my locale with taoTranslate script.
    4. taoUpdate.php
    I've tried in one of my installations, re-installing TAO, but that didn't work neither.

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    I've found the solution (althoug indeed partiall), I hadn't used the -enable parameter in the taoTranslate script yet. So, after the compilation it's compulsory to activate the language with a command like (I got all the information on a discussion located on the ancient forum):
    $php taoTranslate.php -u GlobalAdminUser -p GlobalAdminPasswd -v -a enable -l ca-ES-valencia -ll Valencia
    After that I had to change the content of the tao/locales/ca-ES-valencia/lang.rdf according to the mentioned discussion.
    Now my problem's the BackOffice menu, so TAO it only applies the translation on the current section, leaving the rest of them in English, as you can see on the image.


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    Hi Tomás,

    Sorry because the documentation probably deserves an update.

    To show the outcome of your contribution, you will have to create or drop all required translation files for each extension.

    Here is the full list of public extensions for TAO 3.2:


    To insert your locale, here is the command to run:

    sudo -u www-data php tao/scripts/taoTranslate.php -v -a create -l ca-ES-valencia -ll Catalan from Valencia -u [adminUser] -p [adminPassword] -e tao,ltiDeliveryProvider,taoGroups,taoMediaManager,taoTests,taoCe,taoItems,taoOutcomeUi,taoTestTaker,taoDelivery,taoQtiItem,taoDeliveryRdf,taoLti,taoQtiTest,taoClientDiagnostic,funcAcl,pciSamples,qtiItemPci,qtiItemPic,taoBackOffice,taoEventLog,taoOpenWebItem,taoProctoring,taoResultServer,taoRevision,taoTestLinear,taoDacSimple

    If some files already exist, you may add the '--force' parameter at the end of the command above to overwrite them.

    At this point the lang.rdf file is created. You may reinstall to have this locale added. However, on a working installation you may import that RDF file and have this new locale available. To achieve this, run the following command:

    sudo -u www-data php tao/scripts/taoRDFImport.php -v -n -u=admin -p=admin -i tao/locales/ca-ES-valencia/lang.rdf

    Now is the time to apply the latest translations coming from Pootle. You should drop .po files from the first package I sent you or use the second package and extract it at the root of your TAO installation.

    These new translations will need to be recompiled. You may reuse the script for that purpose.

    Then you can run this command with your locale as a parameter:

    ./ ca-ES-valencia

    This should bring all your translations in your local TAO.


  • Thanks for your help Cyril, your tips are really useful. I've the translation working in this moment. In order to get it, besides all your indications, I've to modify the lang.rdf file.There's no way of seeing my language on the lists until I replace the second line of the document, with these ones:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Once I made that chance, I run the next command:

    $php taoTranslate.php -u admin -p admin -v -a enable -l ca-ES-valencia -ll Valencia

    Finally I had to re-install to see the language on the Item translate section.

    I hope this could be useful to update the Internationalization tutorial.

    Thanks again for helping me on this issue.

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