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We are trying to have a test item where the user can only listen to an audio file once, and also has the ability to move back and forth through the items of the test. I am using the media interaction item in TAO, and have pause checked with a Max play count of 1. A choice interaction is below it. It is in a test with navigation set to Non Linear and Submission is set to Individual. It works fine, except that if I go back to a question after listening to the audio file, I can once again listen to the audio file. The max play count is forgotten. Using simultaneous submission will not allow you to go back and change your answer, so that option is out.

Is there a way to get the capabilities we wish? Is something wrong with my settings or does the state of the media interaction not get saved once I leave the page?
Any help is appreciated.



  • Hi Keith,

    I'm afraid you've stumbled upon a bug; I'll report it internally.

    It appears the maxplays is currently only enforced per item-attempt. What you could do for now is set the max attempt for these specific items (on the item-in-test properties) to 1, this will disable the entire item after they've submitted it (by navigating to the next).



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