Cannot navigate without answering extended text in 3.2


We have moved from a GitHub version to the latest official release candidate TAO_3.2.0-RC2.
I do not believe any settings were accidentally changed, but now when I try to move back and forth
within a test that has an Extended Text interaction type, I get the message "A response to this item is required." and have to type something before being able to navigate to a different page.
Changing the test configuration seems to have no effect.

Any ideas as to what may be wrong?

Many thanks,


  • Hi Keith,

    What's the setting for "Allow Skipping" on the item-in-test properties (Item Session Control)?
    Could you try it with Allow Skipping set to true and individual Submission mode (Test Part settings)?



  • Hi Mark,

    It seems this isn't tied to the extended text as I initially thought. "Allow skipping" was off, and Individual submission was set. When I turn skipping on, the skip button appears, and the message requiring to respond no longer appears. However you can simply use back/next to skip questions as well in this mode.

    We were hoping to have only back/next visible, but be able to skip. There is definitely some quirky behavior here I think, since we have it working in another test, and all settings appear identical with "allow skipping" off, and individual submission set.


  • Hi Keith,

    So you want to allow skipping (allowSkipping=true), but not show a skip button?
    We have done some work recently to make our implementation more consistent. It is a pretty literal implementation of the specification which dictates such a button:

    I do agree this can be confusing at times (e.g. using skip also clears the response), so we might want to look into that in the future.



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