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I have installed TAO Testing I was able to get the web app running. But I just want to ask what logon details do you use when logging on to TAO, is it the same logon details (<user_login, user_password> you set when you install TAO, because if it is, mine is not working? Or is there a default username and password to use? I have attached the logon screenshot.

sudo -u www-data php tao/scripts/taoInstall.php \
--db_driver pdo_mysql \
--db_host localhost \
--db_name \
--db_user \
--db_pass \
--module_namespace http:///first.rdf \
--module_url http:// \
--user_login \
--user_pass \
-e taoCe

Thank you in advance,


  • It's the same you used when installing. The install script you pasted doesn't show those values populated.

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