Specific problem with audio recorder on most browsers

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First of all thank you for amazing work with 3.2 RC2, loving it so far.

I ran into a bit of a weird problem and I can't quite figure it out. The new item type audio recorder works perfectly on your demo site but on my server there's a problem: when I try to start recording audio it doesn't ask microphone permission (Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari etc.) so it can't record / nothing happens when pressing record-button. It only asks permission to use microphone on Firefox and that works perfectly. Microphone access isn't blocked on other browsers either, it just never asks it.

I don't get this problem with my offline xampp installation. Could it be because I don't have SSL certificate set up on the server? Has anyone else ran into the same problem?

Right now I'm 99% settling on lack of SSL certificate, but just wanted to make sure :)


  • Hi there,

    Use of the microphone indeed requires HTTPS in Google Chrome.
    Firefox used to work over HTTP in the past, but that might have changed by now.
    Other browsers are currently not supported; MS pledged Edge will support in the future, Safari probably never (Apple wants you to create an app for that...).



  • I can verify it still works in Firefox under HTTP. :-)

  • If audio recorder on the browser troubles you so much, why not a screen recorder software? Most screen recorders are multifunctional and more useful than a web-based recorder.

  • Yes this is because browsers have started to restrict some features for sites/apps not on a secure context (SSL/TLS or on the local network).
    The rule is unfortunately different from a browser to another, and the restriction starts from a given version.

    So, you need to check if your instance is hosted on HTTPS, if you haven't configured a global restriction in the device (in your browser settings).

    And this is not supported on IE (Edge should work the same than FF and Chrome).

    In any case, if you open the developer console you'll see an error message explaining the cause of the restriction.

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