New locale (ca-ES-valencia). Can't save new Item

I've just installed the ca-ES-valencia on my TAO instance. But I can't save a new Item on that language. I get the next error message:

500: Cannot assign the value to attribute: xml:lang -> (string) es-CA-valencia:

I read a discussion I found on the former forum, a simillar situation. So I've to chance my language code from ca-ES-valencia to ca-ES, everything's working fine now.
In any case , it'd be adviceable to get both language codes working, in order to prevent conflicts with a Catalonian region translation.


  • Hi Tomás,

    Thank you for the feedback. Looks like this is a 3 year old bug not fixed and I will report it back to the development team.

    Meanwhile, especially if you only use one locale, you may change only the interface language and keep the data language as English. As this has no consequence for the test-taker, there is no reason not to do so. Changing the data language from one language to another one could be done easily via a script to be provided to you.


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