Link to file in PCI

We have developed a number of PCI's that include the use of iframes to present different types of "games". The iframe's src-attribute refers to a webpage (index.html/php) that can include other scripts etc. We have struggled with finding out how to know the url of the index-script when it is part of the PCI-structure, but until now without luck.

We have therefore placed the game at another server and linked to it from the iframe. This is a very hackish solution, so we would like to do it right (the PCI's are going to be used by others, and they cannot depend on our server).

I tried to transform the index.html to a tpl and follow to include it in define(), but I keep getting a mime-type-error (TAO loads the tpl as a javascript-file, but the mimetype is not application/javascript, but text/html).

Is there a way to get the url of the PCI in javascript?


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