Can TAO handle up to 200,000 concurrent test takers ?

I need TAO can handle up to 200,000 concurrent test takers.

It's possible ?

I'm researching, on how to deploy TAO on Google cloud stateful MIGs (Managend Instance Groups).


  • I doubt that TAO open source would scale to that volume, the way it is written precludes that.
    If you want open source software that would scale to that level try QST, Quiz/Survey/Test. It is written as an Apache perl handler which is easily scalable. QST, along with Memcached (open source) and Squid (an open source reverse proxy) should get you to that level. Memcached keeps database queries in memory, and Squid caches images, etc. in memory so your webserver is doing little work.

  • Thank you for the hint.

    I've seen the QST. And it seems, QST does not meet the requirements that I need.

  • I wonder why no one from OAT will comment here? They make the software, you would think they could give you a bit of insight.... Look at Moodle, it does testing and they have much more of a insightful user base.

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