Database backup


I'm trying to restore a backup of my DB. I'm using PostgreSQL and I'm actually having problems with Items content. The point is that I'm losing the content of the Items and the root class of Items and Tests are giving an error ("The class URI must be provided in the id parameter").
I need something more, besides my db data, to make my backup working (like a data directory backup)?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Tomás,

    Item content is not stored in the database. If you are willing to restore your TAO installation from a previous revision, then you will have to restore the content of the data folder as well. Restoring the database without this data folder is not recommended at all.


  • I installed using this package ( but the error also appears when I try to create a new class in Items.

  • Which version (branch, tag or release) did you use for your installation?
    Such issue would quickly be identified, addressed and fixed.


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