Non-linear function and Allow Skipping doesn't work

Hi all,
I am using Tao 3.3.0 RC02
I am trying to create a test and I want my test-takers to be able to navigate backwards and forwards between questions.

I have checked my testPart settings and enabled Non-linear navigation. I have also allowed skipping.
I have also checked every question and checked that Allow Skipping is enabled for every single item.
I have also ensured that Max Attempts is set to 0.

When I sit the test, the test does not allow me to navigate backwards. I still get the error "A response to every question in this item is required."
The skip question button is unavailable.
When I try to go back to a previous question "No more attempts allowed for item ..."
The review screen and question flagging options are available however they are unusable as I cannot navigate back to questions.

If anyone could help that would be amazing!


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