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I use TAO in french. But, when I try to use a delivrery, it doesnt work. I found that the problem is linked to th language of the item: if the account that built the item is english, no problem. But if it's a french account, it doesnt work.
Someone knows this problem?
Thanks a lot.
E.Duquenoy - Université du Littoral-Côte d'Opale (FRANCE)


  • Hi Eric,

    Your issue is probably not related to LTI as your title suggests, but rather with how data languages are managed in TAO.

    Currently, TAO distinguishes data and interface language. The main purpose of changing data language would be to deliver the same items between test-takers but with a translated content.

    Is it really what you are trying to achieve? Or is it only to have the user interface translated for each test-taker?


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    Hi Cyril,
    sorry, my first question was a little bit confuse... I use TAO through LTI (with Sakai, a LMS). So, I discovered that items didn't work when data language is the french language (but works fine when language data is english)
    I have to specify that I'm using the Automatic Install for Windows Desktops (3.1.0 RC7)

  • Hi Eric,

    What Cyril tried to explain is that there's a difference between the interface-language and the data-language. When switching the data-language in the authoring environment, you're actually authoring a different version of the item. Please keep the data-language to English and only change the interface-language for French authors and let us know if that helps.



  • Ok, thank you very much for your explanation.

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