Custom Result Template


This are the list of information required before printing individual test taker results
name of students, class of students, correct answer questions, wrong answered questions with its correction alongside,
total attempted questions, total scores, highest score, lowest scores
and as they finished the test their results and points scored should display for them to see before taken their leave


  • This would require a custom report; not available in TAO Community Edition.
    Please contact us if you want us to develop this for you.



  • Are there reports like this available in the paid versions of the software? If not, are there any tutorials that would show how end-users could develop reporting tools within the platform to further extend the capabilities of the platform?

  • Hi,

    There are not paid versions of TAO but rather paid professional services to develop for you specific features or customizations (such as the one you are looking for). Take a look at this page for further details.

    However if you wish to develop your own extension, you may start with that guide.


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