Assigning test taker to a group using api not working properly

Good day,

I am using TAO 3.2 and implementing a process to assign a test taker to group using api. When i checked the group (also using api) it was confirmed that the test taker was included as member, but when i checked it in TAO dashboard > Group tab the test taker checkbox do not have check mark in it.

Also, when i selected a delivery and logged in using test taker account there were no test to take on, i guess because the test taker was not properly assigned to the group.

I hope someone can help me.

Thank you.


  • I'm experiencing this as well using 3.2. Hope someone has the fix. :D

  • Hi, I am also using 3.2 but didn't experience this issue.
    Just checking... at the "Test-takers" tab, under "Edit test-taker" >> "Add to group", did you click on the "Save" within the "Add to group" module?

  • Having the same issue, someone can solve it? Also using 3.2

  • Can anyone share with me where to look all those available api docs? Thank you.

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