TAO 3.2 RC2 - response processing - map response - map.js error

When I set response processing from MATCH CORRECT to MATCH RESPONSE javascript FAILS.

Console LOG:
/tao/Main/index?structure=items&ext=taoItems:393 You can't resist understanding how this is built? Come and join us!
customInteractionRegistry.js:24 deprected use of "taoQtiItem/qtiCreator/editor/customInteractionRegistry", please use "taoQtiItem/portableElementRegistry/ciRegistry" now
(anonymous) @ customInteractionRegistry.js:24
Map.js:113 Uncaught TypeError: choice.val is not a function
at Map.js:113
at lodash.min.js:48
at eval (eval at st (lodash.min.js:20), :3:148)
at Function.v.transform (lodash.min.js:48)
at updateForm (Map.js:112)
at State.initMapState (Map.js:45)
at State.init (factory.js:51)
at _pushState (Widget.js:32)
at Object.changeState (Widget.js:215)
at Object.forward (answerState.js:119)
DevTools failed to parse SourceMap:
DevTools failed to parse SourceMap:

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