Your browser does not meet the technical requirements to run TAO

I got message "Your browser does not meet the technical requirements to run TAO" in the top of page in browser after successfull installation. And the page become plain. The screenshoot was attachted below.
I got TAO_3.2.0-RC2_build version. I have already install the latest version of browser but the message still show up. Please help me.. What should I do?

tao.png 118.7K


  • Hi,

    This message is only part of a more global issue.
    This usually happens when you use non-HTTPS content and links to your HTTPS site.
    Move all your content to HTTPS and it will solve your issue.

    Also, please note that some browsers allow you to add an exception to filter and accept such insecure content (but this is not recommended).


  • I just installed ( 8 June 2018 ) The Windows version ( via the Auto Install ) on 2 machines and face the same problem when trying to access via another computers browser.
    You indicated "moving all your content tp HTTPS". Is is possible to advise me on how to do that ? BTW TAO on Windows installs XAMPP instead of WINAMP

  • Hi stevenr,

    Your issue is totally different: your TAO platform is not live thus you don't use the HTTPS protocol to secure it.

    The Windows package was not built to be used in production but rather for local test purpose. However on your situation I assume this is probably a local network and/or configuration issue. Is the TAO root URL reachable by the other computer (same local network, reachable host)?


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    Hi stevenr,

    You indicated "moving all your content tp HTTPS"
    In my case, i edited config/generis.conf.php, then change all occurrence of http to https.

    I used a free third-party open certificate authority (

    my two cents,

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    Hello, I'm trying to install tao on raspberry pi 3+ (php 7.3)
    Followed the instructions for Debian and everything went ok, but when I try to connect to tao browser gives me the above error (Your browser does not meet the technical requirements to run TAO.) and in the page there is nor tao logo nor username and password fields. the address bar says denied. Please renew your authentication!msg=Access denied. Please renew your authentication!
    Any tips?

  • Have someone figured how to fix this issue? I am testing this tools, seems to be pretty easy to install and use, but community may be still young. I have tried to enabel ssh as for which demonstrates https is not the way.

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