Questions beside the passage?

To author passage-based questions, is it possible to layout the test so that a slider-barred passage is on the left and multiple passage-based questions are on the right beside the passage?


  • Or for that matter is it even possible for a single question to be to the right of the passage? I can duplicate the passage for subsequent questions if I must.

  • Hi there,

    You can simply drag a Block (under inline interactions; for static texts) or the Text reader PCI (under custom interactions, depending your TAO version; for multi-tabbed, scrolling texts) on to the item; drag it on top of the existing interaction, then position it left or right, you have to wait for a little glyph to fall and then release. This does require some practice.

    Good luck!


  • Having multiple questions below each other require however a config option to be turned on (known as the + option) but I will have to leave it up to others to provide the exact setting

  • Thanks Mark and Patrick. I had asked the same question on another post. I appreciate the help.

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