Multiple correct answers

Has anyone tried multiple correct answers in inline interactions (text gap fill)?
I can't find a way to accept one of two or more correct answers and this is stopping me from going ahead in my project.
Is there a separator? I tried commas and it doesn't work. I also tried map response but apparently there's a bug and it isn't working. I also admit I might not know how to use it.
Can anyone help?


  • Hi, I also used this feature for my tests.
    After choosing "map response", an "Add another option" appears under the interaction. You can fill in the correct answers and set the score allocated for each.
    Hope this helps?

    But although I can allocate scores to more than one answer, I can only use the radio button to select one of them as "correct".

  • Hi a0033982
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I’m aware of this solution but it is either really a bug in 3.2RC or I need to experiment with it.
    The fact that you need to select a “correct” answer might be confusing me.
    Which version are you using?
  • Should be same as yours, Community Edition 3.2 RC2 :)

  • To assure you, the "correct response" is defined so you could display feedback, show solutions, etc.; if you set equal amount of points to responses this will not make a difference in the total score.



  • Dear Mark and a0033982
    Thanks a lot for your replies.
    I have started testing and it seems to work.
    I’ll finish testing this coming week and post my impressions here.

  • After some time testing, I have now understood how map response works in inline interactions and it is working fine.
    It isn't working in the GAP MATCH interaction, though, as pointed out elsewhere.

  • edited April 2020

    Hi, I need this feature, I need I can insert two alternative words, both equally correct...
    [TEXT entry] plays guitar.
    Correct response:

    but I can't use it... I haven't Add another option"...
    I choose Block, then Text entry... What is it wrong? Can anyone help?

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