Pupil cannot resume exams once they lose their internet connection for even a minute.

Once our students are taking the exams and their internet connection goes they are unable to resume the exam once they get their internet connection back. basically the resume button doesn't work.
when they click on resume it just refreshes the page and does not go to the exam

Side note, this only happens when they lose their wifi signal. when they leave the page and want to come back without losing their internet, they are able to resume the exam without any problem.
is there a way to fix this issue?


  • Hi Amir1990,

    If the result button doesn't work after a disconnection of the internet connection, then an error should be triggered client side. What is the outcome of the web inspector in the Network tab in that case? Before that, which version of TAO do you use?

    However, as you deliver an online test by definition the internet is not supposed to be disconnected. Should this occur, as a refresh of the page solves the issue this cannot be sorted as a bug into TAO.


  • Hi Cyril, Thanks for getting back to me.

    we are on TAO_3.2.0-RC2_build.

    we get this message after disscounction "Please wait while we try to restore the connection". we connect back. but as soon as we do it takes us to main test taker page and no matter how many times we click on resume it just keeps being redirected to main test taker page

  • Here is a screenshot of it.

  • we have the same problem. any solution for this?

  • I also have same problem. My internet connectivity may get interrupted in very rare case.

    What is a quick remedy or workaround to fix this?

  • I solve resume problem based on changes in github like this,

    update this file,

    public function init(RunnerServiceContext $context){

    } elseif ($session->getState() === AssessmentTestSessionState::SUSPENDED) {

    public function check(RunnerServiceContext $context){

    comment out:
    if ($state == AssessmentTestSessionState::SUSPENDED) {
    throw new QtiRunnerPausedException();

    can refer to this github changes,

  • I test your new code and it works perfectly. There is no more test loop any longer upon losing connectivity. I will need to go back to test menu upon reconnecting but I am able resume back what I left off.

    Excellent fix and I really appreciate it. Thank you.

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