How to use/create my own theme?

I am reading through the TAO UserGuide and Tech Documentation. But I am not getting any smarter on how to (from a template) create my own theme and implement it in TAO. Obviously a lack on my own knowledge and skills :tongue: . The documentation starts of with:

To use your own style sheets you will need a TAO extension. This article explains how to create one - or if you have one for other reasons, you can use that one too.

Yet the referred article only explains how to select (activate) an already present extension. It does not explain what extension I need to start making my own theme.
Does anybody have a guide on this? preferably a step by step one.
Thank you in advanced!


  • Jumping on this question ...

    The theme editing guide leaves a lot of questions open (or put it differently: one apparently needs a lot of technical context to be able to comprehend)

    My question list includes the following (initial) questions:
    - as stated above: which extension is suitable/recommended for adding themes? Any? Including one of the pre-installed extensions?
    - does this mean that an arbitrary extension is used as theme "storage" + its scripts (like manifest.php and updater.php) serve as vehicle to convey global themes?
    - what is the exact role of Grunt / node.js? Is this just a means to compile the scss to css (driven by manual intervention outside the framework) or are these tools necessary on the webspace server? Can one just "pre-compile" the theme and copy results to the server?
    - Once a theme is created and duly installed (using the manifest.php / updater.php mechanisms described): how is this theme template activated? Is there interactive theme switching thru the web frontend or does this involve manipulating (yet other) php files?

    Sort of a "beginners cook book" would be highly desirable, something like
    - download the Theme Toolkit
    - prepare an extension by
    - copy the theme toolkit to
    - edit files to register the custom theme as available theme
    - edit (what) to actually make the difference <scss, php files>
    - compile your scss by <whatever? grunt?> and copy the outcome to
    - edit to set the new theme active. (or: open the <which?> panel and select your registered template as active


    Note: some guy recommended editing layout.php directly to manipulate TAO appearance. There seem to be remains of a legacy structure allowing for this, but this is clearly flagged deprecated and also one would have to "overrule" the calls to the Theme framework somehow. Seems cumbersome and not recommendable (provided there is a way to understand Theme authoring)

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