Creating new Test Plugin / Test-taker Tools for checking codes/scripts

Hi, this is my first attempt at creating a test plugin in TAO. The plugin didn't work, what could I be missing?
I followed the steps in

In one of my tests the test-takers will be asked to key-in some simple code/script/regex as their answer. Their answer will be either in Extended Text or Text Entry.
I am creating a Test-taker Tool (with textbox for his codes, a button to "check", a text area to view the "check" output) where he can try running his code/script/regex. The plugin will send his code to another server to "process", then the output will be shown on the plugin.

Hints? Advice? Thanks in advanced.


  • Hi there,

    For this, you'd probably be better of with creating a PCI (Portable Custom Interaction).
    More info can be found here:

    Good luck!


  • Hi Mark, thank you.
    Where may I find more examples of the applications of different PCI other than the "Audio, Likert, Liquids, Math Entry"?

    I am trying to understand the different applications that can be achieved. My colleague saw a demonstration of a PCI by TAO in a conference, he mentioned "animation of flying bees" but since I wasn't there, I couldn't imagine.

  • Anything (HTML5-based) is possible really. You can check out additional samples created by the French Ministry of Education here:

    Considering code samples, the four you mentioned should provide sufficient reference; my advise would be to start simple (e.g. based on the Likert) and then gradually build out from there.



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