(70007)The timeout specified has expired

Not able to download csv file of results from a test. Error log shows:(70007)The timeout specified has expired.

It "times out" around 5 minutes.



  • Hi JT,

    Such issue should be easy to solve: extend the PHP max execution time. However, if at some point the export takes so much time you should consider an alternative solution to export this data, e.g. using a DB query with rows exported as CSV or using the REST API (see this link).


  • Hi Cyril,
    I need help trying the alternatives.

    When using DB to export the rows as CSV, what is a good way to identify the Test-taker/Delivery Title/ etc? In the database table for variables_storage & results_storage, all the identifiers are in their URI format : http://tao/version1.rdf#i152xxxxxxxxxxx
    How to efficiently show the titles or labels instead?

    Is there a document I can refer to, to decipher the variables_storage's "value" field?

  • A solution was brought on this old topic.

    Using MySQL the two attached SQL scripts should help you to get a easier to read export.
    The first script (result_export_setup.sql) will build temporary tables for items and test-takers and also add indexes on the results tables to improve response times on selects for these tables (used later).
    The second one (create_view.sql) will create a view that should facilitate custom extractions, with only four columns: item, identifier, value and test_taker.


  • Thanks Cyril, those scripts help a lot! :)

  • This was perfect. Wondering if you have similar scripts to help pull the login and email addresses for the test takers.

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