REST API (test takers and results)

Hello everybody,

We would like to create, modify and delete tao test takers and fetch their test results with the REST API. Is this possible? If not, do you have any suggestions? Our goal is to manage test takers and their results in a company CRM (which offers a .NET based REST API).

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  • Hi hftm,

    Not sure if this part is still up to date (especially the first link), but these two links below may help you:


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    Hi Cyril,

    Thanks for your hint. At we have found that intro: "Starting from TAO 2.5, a Representationnal State Transfer (REST) layer allows you to manipulate data in TAO from any location and technology through simple HTTP requests. This may not work in TAO 3.x as of yet." Can someone confirm that? Why should the developers of Tao downgrade the functionality of the REST-API in 3.x?



  • Hi hftm,
    I want to implement in the same way you want. Can you please guide me, how I can start with REST API. Your help will be very useful to me. As I am doing research from last 10 days but couldn't reach the final solution, how I can render test to the front user, and send results back to TAO using REST API. I mean everything I want to manage using REST API, is this possible with TAO 3.x? I have installed TAO at my subdomain.


  • Hi Bhumi,

    Sorry for my late reply. Take a look at Sometimes it’s hard to find out which version of Tao Testing is required and many examples on the web are outdated.

    In our case, we were not able to implement the needs with Tao Testing. At the end, we solved it with other software.



  • Hi Hftm,

    What is 'other software' that you have mentioned?


  • Hello ALL.

    How do you resolve the issue with the REST API? I am trying to implement it in WAMP Server in my local machine. How do I call the APIs from single PHP page and where to save the page? Please add all the necessary details also.

    I am waiting for the reply.

    Regards & Thanks,

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