Automation in TAO testing

We would like to add the automation system to our exams. we want our users get the results sent to their emails as soon as they finish the exams.

But we cant get API access to work. we keep getting permission error.


  • Which account are you using? Did you try connecting with your Global Administrator account? That should have access to all APIs.



  • Hi mark, Yes we are using Global Administrator account.

  • What is the exact version of TAO used?

  • Hi Cyril we are using "TAO 3.2rc2"

  • We are currently using TAO 3.2rc2 (which is the latest TAO system) for our exam platform. we want to make our system automated and have exam results sent to users as soon as they are done with the exam. but the API code does not work for us. the message we get is this:

    {"success":false,"errorCode":"401","errorMsg":"You are not authorized to access this functionality.","version":"3.2.0-Rr

    We really need this feature to be sorted, could you guys contact me directly through email .

  • anyone got any idea?

  • Which API are you trying to use?



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