How to prevent copy paste on Extended Text Interaction for essay entry

I want to prevent test-taker from copy paste a text into Extended Text Interaction for essay entry.

How to do that?

I did try editing input in:

and change it into something like this:

But, it still not working. Please advice.


  • This is currently not a feature of the extendedTextEntry; you could implement it as an extension or a PCI, but be careful what you wish for as this could have nasty side-effects and poor UX.
    If the intent is to prevent cheating, you may want to consider a Lockdown browser, e.g. Safe Exam Browser.

    Good luck!


  • Problem solved.
    I just need to edit the textarea in taoQtiItem\views\js\qtiCommonRenderer\tpl\interactions\extendedTextInteraction.tpl

    and add onCopy="return false" onDrag="return false" onDrop="return false" onPaste="return false" in it.

    Paste seem to work, but copy not working. As long paste is working is fine. This is to prevent student copy paste articles from internet instead of being lazy typing it in without even reading the articles. Forcing student using Safe Exam Browser is not an option because, this is a home test. Thanks.

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