[Solved] allowed number of choice in a row in match interaction doesn't work ...

edited July 2018 in Developers

if there's more than 1 interaction in an item.

for example if:
the allowed number of selection for a row is 1
the allowed number of selection for a column is 1

trying to input the below selection will resulted in 'the allowed number of selection for a row is 1' because it violates the row max selection restriction

| row 1 | x | x |
| row 2 |__|__|
| row 3 |__|__|

HOWEVER if there's another match interaction (with the same allowed number restrictions) the user is able to do the input above. i believe this is a bug since the subsequent match interaction doesn't follow the restriction like the 1st one.

please if anyone can confirm if this is a bug and provide solution since im in need of this interaction. or can anyone suggest another interaction that can achieve similar result.

thanks in advance


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