branchRule / preCondition. How to route from 1 item to more than 1 items, based on choices?

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Hi, I am manually writing a test in XML using branchRule/preCondition.
The attached image is an example of how the test will flow. The next items to show are based on the responses at Q1.

At Q1, if the test-taker selects (A, C and E only), he should next go to item Q1A, then Q1C, then Q1E, then exit.
Similarly, at Q1 if he selects (B and C only), he should next go to item Q1B, then Q1C, then exit.

I am facing 2 problems inter-related, hopefully someone can shed some light?

First problem...
I was only able to "route" to the top chosen option (e.g. using the image example, it is Q1A).
If I use preCondition method, the flow goes to Q1A then exits test.
If I use branchRule method, the flow goes to Q1A then sequentially goes to every other item (Q1A > Q1B > Q1C > Q1D > Q1E), even though B and D were not selected.
Have I done something wrong, or is it a limitation of the QTI? I attached snippets of my test.xml for both methods.

Second problem...
I am unable to set Q1's qti.xml to cardinality="multiple" as below:
< responseDeclaration identifier="RESPONSE" cardinality="multiple" baseType="identifier" >

This error message would show:
The Match Expression only accepts operands with the same cardinality.
What QTI alternative do I have other than "Match"?

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