Result retreiving Error

I've installed TAO 3.0 version on my server and generate items, tests and deliveries.

It has worked very well for a month.
But few days ago, I found some test results are not displayed properly.

I traced the code and found the function "getItemVariableDataFromDeliveryResult" in ResultsService.php is not work well.

$variableTemp = $variable[0]->variable;
this code get only one result instance from array but my results are like this

array(2) {
[0]=> object(stdClass)#336 (8) {
["uri"]=> string(5) "45673" ["class"]=> string(47) "taoResultServer_models_classes_ResponseVariable" ["deliveryResultIdentifier"]=> string(55) "" ["callIdItem"]=> string(64) "" ["callIdTest"]=> NULL ["test"]=> string(56) "" ["item"]=> string(54) "" ["variable"]=> object(taoResultServer_models_classes_ResponseVariable)#317 (6) { ["correctResponse"]=> NULL ["candidateResponse"]=> NULL ["identifier"]=> string(8) "RESPONSE" ["cardinality"]=> string(6) "single" ["baseType"]=> string(6) "string" ["epoch"]=> string(26) "April 26, 2017, 1:07:30 pm" }

[1]=> object(stdClass)#338 (8) { 
["uri"]=> string(5) "45673" ["class"]=> string(47) "taoResultServer_models_classes_ResponseVariable" ["deliveryResultIdentifier"]=> string(55) "" ["callIdItem"]=> string(64) "" ["callIdTest"]=> NULL ["test"]=> string(56) "" ["item"]=> string(54) "" ["variable"]=> object(taoResultServer_models_classes_ResponseVariable)#353 (6) { ["correctResponse"]=> string(1) "1" ["candidateResponse"]=> string(8) "Y2luZW1h" ["identifier"]=> NULL ["cardinality"]=> NULL ["baseType"]=> NULL ["epoch"]=> NULL } 


two data objects are needed to display properly.
I'm going to merge these into one.

But before my work I'd like to double check with you about this bug.

So does anyone have similar problem?
and find solution or alt way to retrieve results?

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