Can't author items in TAO 3.2-RC2.

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I initially posted this in the support-category, but this might be more relevant for developers.

I've just installed installed TAO 3.2 on Linux Mint 19 Tara, using apache2 as the server and mysql for the database-server.
Everything seemed to have been installed without problems and it seems that i'm able to do everything i'm supposed to(ie. create tests, test-takers, groups ect.).
Every page i load gives me a bunch of XML-parsing errors - but i'm sure that i have the required php-xml module installed and enabled. It seem to be related to the QTI-items not being loaded correctly due to some bad XML(or the wrong xml-module?), but i'm not sure.
I am able to create new items, however when i try to author an Item, the authoring page doesn't load and the last error displayed in the console is some script error in 'ui/documentViewer/providers/pdfViewer/pdfjs/pageView'.

Here's an image of my console when trying to open authoring page:

Any help would be appreciated!

Edit Admin: Please don't create two similar topics with different categories.


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    Hey Admin.
    There was no way for me to delete my first post and for some reason, I cant edit my post anymore. Any idea why?

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    Problem solved, I was using php7.2 instead of php7.0.

  • This is good news that you got it solved, thanks for the feedback.


    NB: About the topic and post creation, the forum setting currently doesn't allow the author to edit or remove it after 1 hour, so this explains that.

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    Hello, is this could be a security problem soon, as PHP no longer supports 5.6 and 7.0 versions ? In 2019 for 5.6 and 7.0 is already not supported anymore to be precise according to their roadmap

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