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I have tried in TAO 3.1 and 3.2 to put the interface language in Dutch. But for a test taker or for an admin the language stays English. How can I solve this?



  • Hello,

    It means that on your version most translations won't show up simply because translations were not completed. It happens because in the past some translations were achieved for a given locale but were not kept up to date along with the new releases and not removed.

    The latest status for TAO 3.2 for the Dutch locale is available here and looks quite complete.

    The current status for this locale may be checked here, with the default accounts being for to the back-office:
    * login: nl-NL
    * password: nl-NL
    and for a test-taker in delivery:
    * login: nl-NL-tt
    * password: nl-NL-tt

    If required there is a few set of commands and a package to update these translations into your TAO.


  • It looks like my installation doesn't have the Dutch translations. When I try the back-office link, the interface is Dutch with login nl-NL.

    When I try for instance German on my own installation it works, but not for Dutch. How can I update my language packages?



  • anyone an idea?

  • Hi Danny,

    Sorry for the late answer.

    You can update your TAO instance with the latest export package attached here and coming from Pootle (link to the project and language here) and by following this tutorial.


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