Proctoring. Possible to skip the "Authorize" procedure?

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Hi :)

I would like to use the proctor extension. It will help to keep track of a huge classroom full of test-takers' progress.

But it seems my staff, the "Proctor", need to manually "Authorize" each test-taker who wants to start doing the test.
Can that part be skipped? Meaning to automatically authorize?
Currently it causes a time-lag issue in an exam room full of test-takers.

Thanks in advanced.


  • Hello,

    This part of the user guide may be worth reading.

    The proctor usually has a list of assigned tests to monitor and authorization is the first step of that process from the proctor side.
    Each test is assigned to a group of test-takers, so that authorization is done in one go for the group and not for each test-taker.

    If you don't need such authorization then you probably don't need proctoring.


  • Hi Cyril, thanks for your pointer :)

    I was blind and didn't notice I had to select the test-takers to perform mass "Authorize".

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