Error 500 Internal server Error

i'm testing TAO this week for to know if we will work with TAO in the futur.
i have already created item, test, test takers, etc..
And when i'm trying to connect with a testtakers'login to test the test, a error page appears


  • Hello,

    For such error you should have more details in your server logs.
    Before going further, what is the TAO version installed and your system configuration?


  • It's a trial version 2 of the TAOcloud, to test the software before buy it.
    login: CERA-ADMIN

  • Sorry,
    the login is ceratizit-admin

  • Hello,

    We noticed that in your trial all available TAO extensions were installed. The one extension that broke the delivery was the alternative result storage with no key-value storage configuration set in the persistence configuration. Key-value storage is not allowed on the demo server.

    To fix this, we somehow disabled this result storage in config/taoResultServer/resultservice.conf.php:

    return new oat\taoResultServer\models\classes\implementation\ResultServerService(array(
    'result_storage' => 'taoOutcomeRds/RdsResultStorage'

    Please consider each extension before installing it, as some may not be required, and some may slowly impact performance.

    Anyway, the default RDS storage for deliveries is back and working.


  • Hi Cyril,
    I have installed and configured all successfully. But when I logon as test taker, and click on Start button I notice the same above error. The installation is on Centos7.

    I shall be grateful if you could provide some helpful insights to resolve asap.
    Many thanks in advance.


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