Implementing randomized question

I'm trying to create test items that are built by a template and modified at test time, like this...
Q: What is the value of x?
2x + 4 = 8
where the constants 2, 4, & 8 are chosen using a random number generator, uniquely for each test taker. So every test taker would see a different question, and answer choices would also be calculated based on the unique set of constants. A test could also have more than one of the same items & each would be presented with different values and different answers.

This has been easy to do in LON-CAPA for nearly 30 years, but I can't find any other system that can manage it. They essentially treat each item as a web page and use a script to generate it when presented to the test taker. However, TAO has many great features, so I'd rather see randomized questions added here.

So, several questions...
1. Is this possible with TAO, or does the test engine design preclude it? (or seriously breaks QTI?)
2. Are there random variable choices in the existing item templates that I'm missing?
3. Could the existing item templates be modified to include random variables?
4. Has anyone seen a PCI that does something similar that I could modify?

Thanks for any help...


  • This question has been open for a while with no responses. Anyone have any insights?

  • Hi, I don't have the type of solution you seek but you can consider what I did for one of my tests...

    Under Items, I create 10 similar items, where their value X are different. In those items, I set their respective correct responses based on each value X.

    Under Tests, I put these 10 items in a Section. Then set the Properties >> Selection >> Enable Selection >> Select 1.

    This way, if you have enough similar questions for selection, it will seem as if everyone has a random generated question.

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