Cant Author Items in TAO 3.2.0-RC2

Installed TAO 3.2.0-RCR using the downloadable windows installer.

TAO is starting up all right, can login with demo/demo.

However, going to items --> Select item --> Authoring just brings up a more or less empty screen, notably absolute NOTHING in the left panel where the interactions are supposed to be.

Uninstall --> reinstall performed, to no avail.

Environment Windows 7 professional SP1 / Firefox Quantum 61.0.2

Don't even know where to start looking ...


  • Additional info: issue only in 3.2.0-RC2. Switched to 3.1.0-RC7 now for evaluation purposes - seems to work.

  • Hi Andreas,

    Are you experiencing the same issues on Chrome?
    If yes, could you provide a bit more info on the environment you're using; did you already have PHP installed on this machine, other databases, etc.?



  • Dropped the issue with local Xampp based installation altogether for now. We got a 3.1.0-RC7 working on a rented Webspace now - woooo-hooo.

    Currently my focus is on showing test results to end users - see according thread.

    Kind of reluctant upgrading a working installation to a 3.2 develoment build ...

  • Update here: we got the 3.2 RC2 running on a webspace now also + it works. Issue can be considered closed, not worth following up why it did not run on a local Windows installation

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