Test Timer did not "really" pause, although after Resume visible timer shows correct remaining time

Hi :) Using TAO 3.2, I am facing problem with the test timer.
The visible timer on the top-right shows correct remaining time. But some "background timer" is cutting off the test-takers.
Please help?

To elaborate my point... ...
At 10am, my class starts taking a test with a 1 hour time limit.

At 10:30am, Student AAA and Student BBB are halfway through the test but they logged out for an emergency toilet break. Later on, they are supposed to Resume and be given the rest of their remaining time (in their case, it is 30 minutes).

At 10:50am, Student AAA came back and clicked "Resume". The visible timer shows correctly that he still has 30 minutes remaining.

At 11am, when Student AAA's visible timer still has 20 minutes remaining, he is prompted that his time limit has reached. He is unable to continue.

At 11:10am, Student BBB came back and clicked "Resume". He is immediately prompted that his time limit has reached. He is also unable to continue.


  • Changing the setting below to "true" didn't help either.

    Source: taoQtiTest/config/default/testRunner.conf.php

         * After resuming test session timers will be reset to the time when the last item has been submitted.
         * @type boolean
        'reset-timer-after-resume' => false,
  • The test setting "Late submission allowed" is also affected.

  • We have this problem too. I also edit 'reset-timer-after-resume' => false, same as a0033982 did. But the still got problem with end test as per explain. Hopefully there is a slution for this or any changes in github that can be applied. Thanks.

  • There are 2 business cases:
    1. Exam is critically timed and should be completed within specified duration after Start Time and any logout or breaks will be deducted from exam time
    2. Exam time is not that critical and Test Taker has the flexibility to continue exam at later time after Start Time, all breaks, logout time, lost connection time should be excluded

    Is there a possibility for admin to configure this behavior?
    What is TAO current implementation? Does TAO consider the above 2 cases?

    I have tried TAO 3.2 RC2 and it does the same as mentioned by a0033982.
    Thanks in Advance

  • I test out the dev build TAO 3.3, the problem seem to be fixed. But not sure, where in the code does the trick which can be applied to the TAO 3.2. TAO 3.3 still not stable, break here and there after install plugins. Waiting for stable release.

  • Hi :)

    Regarding Dev's 1st business case, I have an improper "solution".

    To not allow temporary disable of the displayed timer by commenting out the function calls in timer.js under .on('move')


    This is not ideal, but my skills are limited. Sorry.
    At least now, the time counting is more accurate (as long as the test-taker don't leave the test halfway though and continue later).

    Hopefully you all can help to explore the timer.js file and solve the bigger problem discussed here.

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