Installation experience - RC 3.1.0, RC 3.2.0

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Some resolved issues overcome when installing on a German shared webspace - just hints for the benefit of others:

**Additional Rewrite Base
My server requires an additional

RewriteBase = /

in root .htaccess to overcome Server Error 500 after installation

**Installing to other directory than webspace document root
The installer appears to look for enabled mod_rewrite in webspace document root, not in TaoTesting installation root. It helps copying the .htaccess file (as modified in 1.) to webspace document root.

This only seems to be necessary to overcome the initial check for mod_rewrite in installer's first check

**A note on https / changing the used domain
If you intend to use https or want to change the used domain, it is necessary to re-run the installer script, using the correct domain (incl. https) from browser. If running in production mode, remove .htaccess from tao/install directory to accomplish this.

Also there is no need to add https redirection in .htaccess file. Application login will be redirected to the domain specified in the installer regardless how you call it initially.

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