Current state of development in custom interactions like MathEntryInteraction

Hello all,

we want to use TAO for a self-assessment containing items with mathematical expressions (also as answers). In the current stable release of TAO (3.1.0 RC7) we can use MathJax to implement the prompt and some Response Formats.

On github I found the "MathEntryInteraction", cloned the taopackage and really like the idea, how mathexpressions can be used as a Response. Is there any Information, when the next release (3.2.0) is going online? Otherwise, is there a way to implement the MathEntryInteraction for Version 3.1.0 without big efforts?


  • Hi Patrik,

    The Math Entry Interaction is actually a PCI (Portable Custom Interaction, a sub-spec of QTI) which is indeed bundled with recent (develop) versions of TAO 3.2. You should be able to get it to work with TAO 3.1 too, but the PCI implementation has slightly evolved since then (please check the samples included in 3.1 for reference). As for the official 3.2 release, we intend to release "soon", but still have some stabilization/documentation work to do.



  • In your previous post you said "please check the samples included in 3.1 for reference", can you specify where these can be found?

    I have started investigating writing PCI compliant custom interactions but I'm finding it difficult to find code samples to learn from. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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