After implementing SSL on an already installed system some elements give 500

I had a working TAO installation on my Ubuntu 16.04/Apache2 server. (Virtualhost :80).
It was required to have the TAO running on an SSL connection so I installed the SSL certification. SSL is working perfectly (tested this on a plain index.php file) And after changing the config/generis.conf.php as described the TAO system was running again and I was able to log in.

But after further analysis I noticed when going to the:
* Items tab, I receive a The class uri must be provided in the id parameter (after I see a quick 500 flashing)
* Test tab, I simply see a 500: error without explanation
* The same for the Groups and Deliveries tabs 500:

All the other tabs Test-takers, Results, Event Log and the rest of the system is working perfectly.
Can somebody please help me out on this one?


  • Correction: The Groups tab works perfectly

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    I figured out that it's not the tabs that are causing the errors. By selecting the folders on the left side in the tree the error messages appear for all tabs. including Test-takers, Results and Event Log.
    So by clicking on the folder icons (that is what happens by default we the page loads for a selected tab) the error 500: message pops up.
    The question remains, how to solve this.

  • [Peer Tip]: it is fastest to do a reinstall with the install script and specifying the new https as location. If you are in production mode, you need to remove .htaccess file from the install folder to accomplish this.

    My experience is it is almost impossible tweaking TAO to another base URL once installed.

  • Hello,

    Any change in the configuration -- as minimal as changing the URL -- is actually like a migration (read this tutorial).

    it is almost impossible tweaking TAO to another base URL once installed.

    ...and I strongly disagree with that affirmation: as you can see we have tutorials ready for you to fully migrate all recent TAO versions.


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