Inserting image into Item fails

steps to reproduce:

  • create Item
  • insert text block
  • click into text block
  • click on A in upper right corner
  • select image (say, image39.gif)
  • drag and upload an image and select it

When returning to the item, an "unknown error" pops up, preventing "Save" of item

On the right hand side, in the Selection box, there is /image39.gif shown as file name with an exclamation box above, saying: "no file not found in this location" (!!)

Revisiting the selection / upload panel allows downloading the file all right so it is not a matter of storage ...

Please help urgently, this behavior would more or less be "no go" for using TAO. We definitely need images in items ...


  • Update: after playing around a little:

    • seems the generated / in front of the file name is (part of the) problem. Removing it manually worked for a .gif image (--> note this is still a bug, the chooser should generate the correct path)
    • have another example though where this does not help (.jpg image) (--> no idea how this differs from the "working" setting, it is even in the same test item)
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