Using images: Error in image upload manager (within item)

First attempt: insert an image directly into an test item.

Steps: Add a text box, click on A, click on "image" button in the popup ribbon, upload an image file

This works in principle, except that the upload manager creates a superfluous / before the filename in the upper right box.

Workaround: delete / manually before saving item.


  • Also weird ;-) When I add an image, the ref typically looks like this:

    Are you storing the images somewhere else on the server?



  • No - but be aware, we are discussing inserting images direclty into the item here, not refering to media manager

  • OK, still weird ;-) the "superfluous" slash-forward (e.g. "/train.png") does not cause any issues on my environment. Are you running on Windows by any chance? Might be a slash-convention thing...



  • Client environment is Windows 10 / Internet Explorer 11.665.16299.0. Also occurs on Firefox 62.0
    Server is shared Webspace based on Linux.

    Removing the / fixes the problem, still nasty.

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