Error inserting image from media manager

- media manager installed
- file drucklogo-ebv.gif uploaded to media manager

Within item:
- add text field
- click A
- select "insert media" from ribbon
- select drucklogo-ebv.gif as shown in the selection
unknown error

This is what is generated in the "media properties" (top right box)


I am unable to guess how to correct this ...


  • Very weird, do you have any errors in the (browser) console or log files you could share with us?



  • edited October 2018

    Hi, none that I would be aware of.

    I can upload the images into media manager + they are displayed properly in media manager.
    When inserting the image, they are offered properly under "Media" section.

    However, when selecting one of the images, the above-mentioned error occurs. I get "unknown error" as popup plus the message "no file not found at this location" above upper-right box.

    If you can hint me where to find a meaningful log of this (probably client-scripted) behavior I would be happy to share it with you.

    In case it matters: PHP Version is 5.6.34, TAO 3.2.0 RC2

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