Stimulus xml - formatting help needed

edited October 2018 in Peer Support

Attempting to create a stimulus for a header line common to all my test items.

Simple task: headline 100% wide, left, middle and right part. Something you would stick together as

logo here middle part right part

(Sorry have to put source code into an image as I do not know how to escape html in this editor

However, it turns out that the IMS-QTI schema imposed on stimulus.xml does not allow for width or align specification.

Except padding the headline with sequences of non-blank spaces - how can this be accomplished?


  • Hi Andreas,

    It's true that QTI only allows a subset of XHTML elements, which can be a problem for certain structures like tables. Typically, we'd recommend using classes for as much as you can; you could create your own CSS and associate it with items.



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