How to remove all content, almost like a fresh installation?

Good afternoon! :)

I would like to remove all Items, Tests, Test-takers, Groups, Deliveries and Results from the test site and MySQL DB.
However, I wish to keep all other settings/extensions etc.
What are all the steps involved?

I only know this...

sudo -u www-data php index.php 'oat\tao\scripts\tools\CleanClass' taoItems_models_classes_ItemsService taoItems

But it still leave behind lots of content in the /data folder and MySQL.


  • Correct me if I'm wrong, else this is considered solved :)

    1) Remove all contents from

    2) Export this MySQL query result for step 5.
    select * from tao_db.statements where subject like '%#superUser' and predicate like '%#password' and author like '%#superUser';

    3) Delete all data from MySQL variables_storage, results_storage.

    4) Delete from MySQL statements, only data from after the date you installed your tao. i.e. if your installed your TAO on 21st Feb 2018, you will run this query...
    DELETE FROM tao_db.statements WHERE epoch > '2018-02-22'

    5) Import the query result from step 2 into tao_db.statements

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