How to import "hand-made" Items from .CSV or .XML

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I'm looking for a way to bulk-import questions (Items) that have been created using scripts. I can create an .XML Manifest file, pointing to qti.XML files in subdirectories. But what are the rules that govern the identifier="i154103475660736938" numbers? I expect they have to be unique on a TAO system. Is there any numbering structure there? Any sequencing I must follow?

Is there an easier way than creating .XML files with folders and a manifest, such as simply using an .XLS spreadsheet / CSV?

Errors that I have so far include:

No Items could be imported from the given IMS QTI package.
The IMS Manifest file could not be validated
Malformed XML:
XML error "dom is null and could not be validate".

PS: Importing this way will save me around 8 hours per 100 questions, compared to creating questions manually using the excellent TAO user interface.

Many thanks!


  • Hi Ian,

    I suggest you not to deal with the auto-generated per test and per item id numbers and to start creating yourself a template of QTI item based on the final set of target QTI item expected.

    For each item related dataset that would come from each row of your CSV file, all relevant values should be mapped mostly to attribute values (item title, question and answers, etc.). As the QTI standard uses the XML format, I would have a look at some XML processing tools to do the job. I would add in the loop a QTI item validator prior to any item import in TAO, so that the item import from TAO will work.


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