installation issue; TAO Community Edition 3.1 on mac

Thank you for reading my post.

I was trying to install TAO Community Edition 3.1 on mac(version 10.14.1)
Everything was good until the Finalize Installation. As shown in the picture, it says "Deployment In Progress", but nothing happens after that(the second picture)

I am a newbie and cannot attache install.log file.

Please help me~


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    Your macOS version doesn't really matter, I would rather be interested in knowing your AMP stack (especially your web server, DBMS and PHP version).

    On top of this, any specific reason not to try the latest TAO 3.2 release candidate?

    Actually at some point and if this persists you will have no choice but to check server or TAO logs.

    Hint: The full path to the installation log is [TAO_ROOT]/tao/install/log/install.log.


  • Thank you for your suggestion! I don't have any specific reason not to try it. I will try to install tao 3.2.

  • I try install tao 3.2. but it same problem

    Please help me

  • Can you check the logs as mentioned by Cyril above and provide the error?



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